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Why Spring?

Spring makes programming Java quicker, easier, and safer for everybody. Spring’s focus on speed, simplicity, and productivity has made it the world’s most popular Java framework.



“We use a lot of the tools that come with the Spring framework and reap the benefits of having a lot of the out of the box solutions, and not having to worry about writing a ton of additional code—so that really saves us some time and energy.”




Spring is everywhere

Spring’s flexible libraries are trusted by developers all over the world. Spring delivers delightful experiences to millions of end-users every day—whether that’s streaming TVonline shopping, or countless other innovative solutions. Spring also has contributions from all the big names in tech, including Alibaba, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and more.



Spring is flexible

Spring’s flexible and comprehensive set of extensions and third-party libraries let developers build almost any application imaginable. At its core, Spring Framework’s Inversion of Control (IoC) and Dependency Injection (DI) features provide the foundation for a wide-ranging set of features and functionality. Whether you’re building secure, reactive, cloud-based microservices for the web, or complex streaming data flows for the enterprise, Spring has the tools to help.



Spring is productive

Spring Boot transforms how you approach Java programming tasks, radically streamlining your experience. Spring Boot combines necessities such as an application context and an auto-configured, embedded web server to make microservice development a cinch. To go even faster, you can combine Spring Boot with Spring Cloud’s rich set of supporting libraries, servers, patterns, and templates, to safely deploy entire microservices-based architectures into the cloud, in record time.


Spring Boot改变了你处理Java编程任务的方式,从根本上简化了你的体验。Spring Boot结合了一些必要条件,如应用环境和自动配置的嵌入式Web服务器,使微服务开发变得轻而易举。为了更快,你可以将Spring Boot与Spring Cloud丰富的支持库、服务器、模式和模板相结合,在最短的时间内将整个基于微服务的架构安全地部署到云中。

Spring is fast

Our engineers care deeply about performance. With Spring, you’ll notice fast startup, fast shutdown, and optimized execution, by default. Increasingly, Spring projects also support the reactive (nonblocking) programming model for even greater efficiency. Developer productivity is Spring’s superpower. Spring Boot helps developers build applications with ease and with far less toil than other competing paradigms. Embedded web servers, auto-configuration, and “fat jars” help you get started quickly, and innovations like LiveReload in Spring DevTools mean developers can iterate faster than ever before. You can even start a new Spring project in seconds, with the Spring Initializr at start.spring.io.


我们的工程师非常关心性能问题。使用Spring,你会注意到快速启动、快速关闭和优化执行,这是默认的。越来越多的Spring项目还支持反应式(非阻塞式)编程模型,以获得更大的效率。开发者的生产力是Spring的超级力量。与其他竞争模式相比,Spring Boot可以帮助开发者轻松地构建应用程序,并大大减少劳累。嵌入式Web服务器、自动配置和 “胖罐子 “帮助你快速入门,Spring DevTools中的LiveReload等创新意味着开发者可以比以前更快迭代。你甚至可以通过start.spring.io的Spring Initializr在几秒钟内启动一个新的Spring项目。

Spring is secure

Spring has a proven track record of dealing with security issues quickly and responsibly. The Spring committers work with security professionals to patch and test any reported vulnerabilities. Third-party dependencies are also monitored closely, and regular updates are issued to help keep your data and applications as safe as possible. In addition, Spring Security makes it easier for you to integrate with industry-standard security schemes and deliver trustworthy solutions that are secure by default.


Spring在快速和负责任地处理安全问题方面有着良好的记录。Spring的提交者与安全专家合作,修补和测试任何报告的漏洞。第三方依赖关系也被密切监控,并定期发布更新,以帮助保持你的数据和应用程序尽可能的安全。此外,Spring Security使你更容易与行业标准的安全计划集成,并提供默认安全的值得信赖的解决方案。

Spring is supportive

The Spring community is enormous, global, diverse, and spans folks of all ages and capabilities, from complete beginners to seasoned pros. No matter where you are on your journey, you can find the support and resources you need to get you to the next level: quickstartsguides & tutorialsvideosmeetupssupport, or even formal training and certification.



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